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This is why I love my job!

This is why I love my job!

Hi all, I just want to share a very happy and encouraging story with you. It’s a bit long-winded but bear with me….

I was recently treating a lady who had been told that she had diminished ovarian reserve. She’d had 3 cycles of IVF which hadn’t worked and was preparing for her fourth. She was having the next cycle in Greece and after a blood test, was told that she had a deep seated infection which could have been there for a long time, hence the inability to conceive. She was given a very intensive course of antibiotics and we worked together for quite a while. Her IVF cycle was successful but she miscarried at 8 weeks, mainly due to stress in her life – break-up with her partner, working long night shifts – oh and I forgot to say she was a midwife – double whammy!
She decided to accept her situation, came to me for more treatments, mainly to stabilise her system and then we kept in touch for chats and the occasional treatment.

However, last year she sent me a scan picture; she was 12 weeks pregnant naturally!! As you can imagine it was a fairly emotional phone call and I’m so pleased to say that she gave birth to a beautiful 7lb 9oz baby boy last Saturday. She’s more than happy to share her story as she wants to give hope to all those ladies who are on the wrong side of 35 and diagnosed with DOR. She was told that she would never have a child naturally but here’s the proof that she could. She very generously included me as part of her journey as she felt that Reproflexology had not only helped her system to reset but emotionally she felt more in control.

Getting news like this makes me realise just how much I love my job!