kind words from my clients

Reflexology with Barbara is just pure bliss. The Garden Room is such a peaceful spot and perfect for relaxing. On all occasions when I have seen Barbara, I've come away feeling like a different person. I also do not like people touching my feet, however as soon as Barbara starts, my body melts into a sense of calmness. Thank you Barbara!

I've always had a pet hate with people touching my feet but since I'm planning my 4th cycle of IVF I thought I should give it a go. Barbara is amazing she is very knowledgable and has years of experience…I love having reflexology despite me having an issue with feet!! I feel less stressed and it has relieved my PMS considerably…we are working to aid my fertility….which stress has a huge impact on. I'm so thankful for Barbara's services and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She doesn't just do reflexology she takes time to listen. The environment is very quiet and relaxing too…it's just perfect. Thank you Barbara xx

Am currently suffering with SI-PGP in my third trimester and Barbara's reflexology treatment really helped to ease off the pain as well as relax all the associated stress. Hoping to get another treatment in soon and really looking forward to the new Garden Room being ready!