Reproductive Reflexology

Infertility is a problem many couples face.  The difficulty of not conceiving plus numerous tests to find a solution puts enormous pressure on couples.  Apart from the physical problems, the mental stress can also inhibit the ability to conceive.  Reflexology, and specifically Reproductive Reflexology, can help you to relax both mentally and physically, a pre-requisite when trying to conceive.

Reproflexology™ is a form of reflexology that concentrates on the well-being of each partner whilst trying to conceive.  Reproductive reflexology can be used as a stand-alone relaxation treatment or as a way to relax whilst under-going conventional treatments, such as Clomid, with fully medicated cycles of IUI, IVF, ICSI as well as with donor eggs.  As a member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, I have been specially trained to work alongside medicated cycles using appropriate treatment protocols.  After consultation with both partners, a treatment plan is implemented over a course of approximately 8 weeks, or in line with the treatment protocol during assisted conception.

I completed my Reproductive Reflexology course earlier this year, becoming a full member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. Along with my qualification as a general Reflexologist and member of the British Reflexology Association, I am also on the Accredited Register of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council which is recognised by the NHS.

All treatments are carried out in my relaxing, dedicated treatment room creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere.  Prior to treatment commencing, I take a full medical history and all consultations and treatments are treated with the upmost confidentiality.

If you feel that Reproductive Reflexology can help, please do call me on 01243 789455.  General Reflexology can also help with other stress related conditions and I’d be very happy to discuss these with you.

Barbara Pope, MBRA, MARR, BFRP, CNHC and MFHT
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